Cardboard…Can You Tell?

קרטון,….הייתם מנחשים?

בתערוכת הרהיטים הגדולה בעולם במילאנו

חדר שלם שהכל בו עשוי מקרטון הוצג שם ב- 2010

ועורר התפעלות עצומה,  פשוט העתקתי את כל הכתבה

Photo courtesy of Paperboard Innovation

Cardboard is one of those underrated materials, often with a short and meaningless lifespan that ends when your package is delivered. Unless you are cardboard in the hands of io10design's cardboard fiends Allessandro Antoniazzi and Valter Davanzo.

At the Temporary Museum for New Design during the Milan Furniture Fair, Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2010 the duo presented the exhibition "Paperboard Innovation," including elaborate artwork, dogs, clocks, shag rugs, furniture, and more made out of this humble material.
Photo courtesy of Paperboard Innovation

The designers describe the exhibition as:

An encounter between art and design, an emotional fusion inspired by love, sculpted forms from the material itself, giving life to pieces of furniture made with environmentally friendly materials, such as honeycomb cardboard, embellished with printed pictorial images.

A cardboard dog wearing cardboard sunglasses shown in the exhibition "Paperboard Innovation." Photo copyright Mairi Beautyman

I particularly liked the two cardboard dogs, apparently ferociously guarding the space.

The cardboard room on display in "Paperboard Innovation." Photo copyright Mairi Beautyman

Another cardboard artist with gorgeous work is Mark Langan.

Want to try for yourself? Here are a few tips for making your own cardboard furniture